Lexus to Open New Luxury Space in Aoyama

Lexus to Open New Luxury Space in Aoyama
(Courtesy Lexus)

TOKYO — In a bid to enhance its premium status and image among discerning consumers, Lexus has announced a new “luxury brand experience space” called Intersect by Lexus, slated to open in Tokyo’s upscale Aoyama district on August 30. Similar boutiques are also planned for New York and Dubai at a later date.

Designed by top designer Masamichi Katayama of design firm Wonderwall, “Intersect by Lexus” is not a typical car showroom, but rather a hybrid concept that seeks to become a “comfortable and inspiring space for interaction among people and between people and cars,” according to Lexus International’s executive vice president Mark Templin.

The first floor will feature a stylish café conceived in collaboration with the hip Oslo cafe Fuglen (which also has a Tokyo outpost in Tomigaya) where visitors can enjoy specialty coffee from around the world, as well as the “Garage” space devoted to showcasing exhibitions and other rotating cultural events.

The second floor houses a shop called Crafted for Lexus — a curated boutique offering select items that harmonize with the overall Lexus brand, including artisanal Italian leather bags and coffee cups with volcanic ash glazes — as well as a library lounge-cum-bistro that will serve contemporary cuisine with a distinct Tokyo flavor, produced by food director Daichi Tajima.

The popular fashion and culture portal has been invited to produce a series of workshops at the new space as well. The first installment, to be held on September 18, will feature a discussion on the theme of “creative spaces” in the lifestyle and fashion industries by Katayama himself and Nigo of A Bathing Ape fame.

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